Leaky Kitchen Faucet Repair

A leaky kitchen faucet is a common call for us. You can have a number of different issues here. If it is dripping from the spout then you will need to do a repair and replace the cartridge assembly. First, shut the water off to the faucet. Determine what the brand is. It will be marked somewhere on the faucet, sometimes on the back of the spout at the bottom. There could be a cap and the a screw to remove for the handle or just simply a set screw to be loosened. Once the handle is off you can then proceed to remove any trim collar. Some pull off and some screw off. If it is corroded bad enough you may need some pliers to remove it but this can damage the finish of the faucet and more parts would be needed. Once you are here, you may need to remove a nut or a clip. Sometimes it may be some screws that need to be removed. You may need a cartridge remover if you have an older chateau or legend moen faucet. They are known to lock up sometimes. If you have a sidesprayer  you may need a diverter if the water comes out of sprayer while in use and if it does not have a flow transfer when the button is pushed. If you have a pullout spray you need to make sure the hose is tight at the hand spray. This can come loose in time and can leak into the cabinet below. Inspect sprayer for cracks, which can leak even if you are not holding the sprayer and leak into the cabinet below. You could have an internal leak to the faucet and cause corrosion and lock up and in most of these cases the faucet will need to be replaced.